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Questions & Answers

There's a lot here, but you're every question should be answered in this part.
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What is your preferred style of photography?

My style is reportage and informal. I’m not a fan of doing all formal ‘posed for’ photos as I feel that peoples smiles can sometimes appear forced! I love to capture those small moments that clearly show the emotion and enjoyment of the day.

During a wedding or christening i will take group shots of family and/or friends and this will be the only times that guests will have to formally pose for a photo. Examples of my work are available for your perusal.

How many weddings have you shot in your career?

Currently I average approximately 10 weddings a year. I don't like to push this number as each and every customer deserves quality & the more I take on the less time I have for each clients.

How Many Weddings will You Shoot on My Wedding Day?

I will be shooting yours and yours alone. I believe in ensuring my clients receive the professional and personal service they expect and therefore it is my policy to never book 2 weddings on the same day.

Have you ever shot at my venue?

If you are unable to ascertain this from the pictures I will be able to inform during the preliminary meeting. Irrespective of whether I have visit the venue previously or not I will visit your chosen venue prior to the shoot to meet with the staff and identify the best location for shots etc. I feel it is imperative that I do my homework to ensure my customers have a stress free experience.

Do you bring your own lighting?

Yes. My preferred form of lighting is natural, but i will always have flash lighting (on or off camera) available with me. I will also have reflectors to hand to bounce light. Depending on the venue & weather i may bring more heavy duty continuous or flash lighting systems.

Do you work from a shoot list?

I certainly do. During our initial meeting i will present you with a form listing the ‘preferred’ group shots that are taken. You will have the opportunity to discuss and add any additional shots that you require. Rest assured though this is not set in stone! If, on the day itself, your long lost aunt Beatrice happens to turn up out of the blue I will add this onto the shoot list.

Can i request certain images are taken at the wedding?

Indeed. I am working for you, so will accommodate all the shots you so wish. As discussed previously, at the initial meeting we will discuss all the group shots that you may require on the day. If you have some thoughts and ideas for your informal shots then I would be glad to discuss and shoot on the day.

How many hours are included in our wedding package?

This will depend on your package that you have chosen. I have no problem if things run slightly over time, and as per my A La Carte menu, I am also happy to add more hours on for an additional cost.

How much would an additional hour of coverage cost?

To be honest it's best to factor this into your package as I can offer great value deals when you sign up for your bespoke package. If on the day you decide you need me for an extra hour then this will be charged at £125. This covers the hour capturing your event, as well as all the post production processes and handling of each image.