Headshot Style Guide

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It is imperative that your clothing reflects your personality as well as who you are in your industry.

Solids work better than patterns
Keep it simple when it comes to the design and style of your clothing. Patterns and heavily textured items tend to distract from the main focus of the headshot, which is you, and that defeats the purpose.

Tips for men:
Dark suit in navy or grey always look classy and avoid silk ties as they are shiny & reflective.
Match the colour of your tie between the tones of your suit and your shirt.
Bring a variety of ties if you are unsure.

Tips for women:
Unless it is under a jacket or jumper, stay away from bright white.
Make sure jewellery adds to your outfit and does not detract from it.
Avoid short sleeves as this takes away from an executive headshot.
Bring a variety if you are not sure.
Make-up should be kept light and simple.

Choosing the right colours
A general rule of thumb is that brighter colours express youth and darker colours express maturity. Keep in mind your skin. Avoid lighter colours if you have a lighter skin tone, and stay away from earthy tones if you have medium or darker skin.

Overall, choose colours that flatter you and you are confident in. If you are still struggling, then bring options and I can help you decide.

Have fun playing stylist and let your personality shine.


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